About Thailand & Koh Samui


Thailand was once known as Siam, and the official name is the Kingdom of Thailand. The country is located in Southeast Asia and its neighbors are Burma and Laos in the north and Cambodia in the east. The Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia are in the south of, while the Andaman Sea is in the west. Thailand has a sea border, which includes the border with Vietnam in the Gulf of Thailand and the border with India and Indonesia in the Andaman Sea. Thailand is a constitutional monarchy and the country with the biggest number of recorded kings in the world. Current King is Rama IX, who has been in power since 1946. Officially, he is the head of state and head of the armed forces. He is the longest ruling king in the world. Thailand is the fiftieth largest country in the world and has a population of around 66 million people. About 75% of the population has the genuine Thai origin, and about 14% are of Chinese origin.


The best time to visit most parts of Thailand is between November and February, because less precipitation and not too warm weather. This period is also the high season for Thai festivals, like Loi Krathong.

Koh Samui is something really special. The uniqueness of this tropical paradise island is idyllic, and it comes from untouched nature: lush tropical vegetation, beautiful waterfalls, beautiful beaches and turquoise blue sea, with the inevitable abundance of Thai charm and positive energy. Powerful Buddhist temples, magical gardens, the incredible landscape, cultural heritage, underwater diving among tropical fishes, elephant riding, playing with monkeys, will relax you and awaken the senses you may have never thought could discover something new. Amazing Thai massage will take you into a perfect, tranquil world, and your body will experience true serenity and very much deserved vacation. Magical Thai flowers will activate a new sense of smell for you, and aromatic Thai food will play with your sense of taste.

The average temperature on Koh Samui is around 30 ° C, and it is good to visit throughout the whole year, although the monsoon season lasts from September to November. Even in this period, when the very strong rains fall for half an hour to an hour, the heat ensures that the roads dry in only half an hour.

Samui initially attracted tourists for the opportunity of lounging on the beautiful empty sandy beaches, and then came the period of the beach parties, followed by a massive open space discotheques. But, as the rest of the world has increasingly loosing on authenticity and originality to become more and more artificial, the popularity of this unspoiled island has been increasing. Fans of the miraculous environment, naturalness, waterfalls, elephants, monkeys, attractions, fabulous beaches and tropical sea simply can not resist this place.

The island has become the Mecca for relaxation with a phenomenal combination of “body sculpting” and weight-loss programs, anti-cellulite programs, detoxification, followed by yoga and Thai reflexology massage. This is only a sample of a wide range of benefits for a healthy body and a healthy spirit offered in the wonderfully relaxing and beautiful spa centers.

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